Trump And Pence Witnesses Were Contacted But Refused To Cooperate With Impeachment Trial

Witnesses close to both Trump and Pence were contacted about providing impeachment trial evidence, but they all refused to take the risk.

Daniel Goldman tweeted:

Since there are witnesses who refused to cooperate, Democrats would have been forced to debate and hold votes on every single witness, issue a subpoena, and potentially fight the subpoena in court. It all would have delayed the passage of President Biden’s stimulus bill, and that was a risk that Senate Democrats were not willing to take.

The Senate cut a deal to not call witnesses because they don’t want to repeat the mistakes of 2009. They don’t want to get bogged down by a trial that, no matter what, will end in a non-conviction.

Witnesses are too afraid to come forward, and without the possibility of a conviction, it doesn’t seem worth derailing Biden‘s agenda and delaying COVID relief for the same result as if the trial ended today.

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