Joe Biden Has The Third Highest Presidential Approval Rating In 40 Years

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:31 pm

Joe Biden’s Gallup job approval rating is for the early part of his term is higher than every other president over the last 40 years besides Obama and Clinton.

President Biden’s 57% Gallup job approval rating is better than both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush (51% each) and Donald Trump (45%). Biden is tied with George H.W. Bush (57%), one point behind Bill Clinton (58%), and 11 points behind Barack Obama (68%).

Biden is faring very well in the modern era of polling that has been shaped by partisan gridlock. In the pre-Reagan era, presidents normally enjoyed higher approval ratings during their honeymoon period. An exception that foretold future trouble was Richard Nixon only had a 59% approval rating after taking office.

The numbers reveal that Biden begins his presidency in a good political position. President Biden has seen widespread support for his stimulus plan,\ and one suspects that he will see another jump in his approval ratings once the stimulus is passed.

Trump was the first president in history never to have a 50% approval rating for a single day. Joe Biden promised that America would return to normal during his presidency, and so far, he is being treated like a normal modern first-term president.

President Biden is on his way to restoring the presidency and repairing the damage caused by Trump.

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