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Stacey Plaskett Says Impeachment Managers Will Assist With Criminal Investigations Of Trump

The impeachment trial may have resulted in Donald Trump’s acquittal, but Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett – one of the House impeachment managers – pledged to assist in any active criminal investigations of the former president.

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Plaskett pointed to a number of ongoing probes related to potential Trump crimes, from Georgia to New York to D.C., and said the team of impeachment managers will “be as helpful as we can in their own process.”

The congresswoman also blasted Republican senators for basically admitting that Trump was guilty, but still refusing to cast a vote for conviction.

“They’re so caught up in maintaining power for self rather than upholding their constitutional duty and putting the country above power and above their place in the Senate,” she said. “It was just so sad.”


Congressoman Plaskett said:

I would never tell another prosecutor how to or what charges or if they should bring a case to bear, but you know, I say God bless the attorney general of Fulton County in Georgia as well as the attorney general of New York, and even the District of Columbia, which I believe is investigating potential charges as well for the incitement of the riot. They have their work cut out, and I believe, you know, we will be as helpful as we can in their own process. But you know, going back to them outlining that there should be criminal charges. You and I know that that is just an excuse for them to abdicate their own responsibility, for them to retain their seats. They’re so caught up in maintaining power for self rather than upholding their constitutional duty and putting the country above power and above their place in the Senate. It was just so sad.

The impeachment managers proved their case against Trump. Though 43 Republican senators refused to convict him, many of them still admitted he was guilty.

The Senate trial may be over, but the criminal justice system isn’t anywhere close to finished with the former president.

The House impeachment managers who were so successful in proving the case against Donald Trump now stand ready to help ensure justice is finally done.

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