Competence Is Back In The White House As Biden Steps Up To Help Red States With Winter Emergencies

In another jarring departure from the previous president, Joe Biden held a call with red-state governors on Tuesday to tell them that his administration would be ready to assist as severe winter weather impacts millions of Americans.

Biden spoke with Republican and Democratic governors of seven red states: Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas and Tennessee.

“The President and the governors discussed the extreme winter weather situation across the central and southern regions of the country that is impacting tens of millions of Americans and leaving millions of homes without power,” a White House statement read, according to The Hill.

“President Biden relayed to the governors that he understood the severity of the conditions being felt across the states, and that he and the First Lady were praying for swift recovery from the effects of the storm,” the statement continued. “President Biden reiterated to all the governors that his Administration is prepared to assist and stands ready to respond to requests for Federal assistance from the governors and will deploy any additional Federal emergency resources available to assist the residents of their states in getting through this historic storm.”

Biden is fulfilling his pledge to represent all Americans

There wasn’t a single day during Donald Trump’s presidency when he didn’t play politics, even if lives were at stake. That includes the deadly pandemic that he so spectacularly bungled.

As the COVID crisis worsened last year, Trump consistently framed the issue through a political lens. He even refused to send critical supplies to certain states because he didn’t like their Democratic governors.

During the campaign, Joe Biden pledged to be a president for all Americans – not just those who voted for him over Trump. He is already following through on that promise by quickly offering federal resources to states in need, regardless of how they voted in 2020.

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