House GOP Crumbles As Some Republicans To Vote For Biden Stimulus

Senior House Republican leadership admits they can’t keep their party unified as some House GOPers will vote for the Biden stimulus.

Punchbowl News reported:

Republicans wanted to paint the picture of a united front against the stimulus just as they did during the Obama presidency, but President Biden looks poised to get more Republican support for his stimulus bill than the GOP ever gave former President Obama.

Biden’s message of unity is working. His stimulus is supported by Republican governors and mayors. It is supported by a majority of Republican voters. The American people want the stimulus, and a handful of Republicans in vulnerable districts feel the pressure to give voters what they want.

President Biden hasn’t gotten enough credit for what appears to be an increasingly successful pressure campaign that has boxed congressional Republicans in. Biden is alienating Republicans from some of their voters with moderate policies and willingness to hear everybody out.

Democrats are moving fast to pass the stimulus bill, which has left Republicans to decide whether to get on board or get out of the way, and it looks like at least a few House Republicans are going to make the Biden stimulus bill a bipartisan success.

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