The Republican Party Is In Flames As Trump Declares Total War On Mitch McConnell

Trump issued a long statement on Tuesday blaming Mitch McConnell for losing the Senate and vowing to take the Republican Party from him.

Trump’s statement:

Trump personally attacked McConnell and called him a hack:

Trump statement on McConnell

Trump is intent on burning the Republican Party to the ground. Trump’s attack on McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, who was the Transportation Secretary in the Trump administration, is just a taste of things to come.

Donald Trump knows that Mitch McConnell wants him gone from the Republican Party. McConnell all but begged for Trump to be criminally charged on the Senate floor after McConnell also voted to not convict Trump.
The former president is blaming McConnell for losing the Senate, as he has apparently learned nothing from the fact that under his watch the Republican Party went from total control of the House, Senate, and presidency to nothing.

The Republican civil war that has been building for more than 15 years, it can be traced back to the collapse of George W. Bush’s bipartisan immigration reform bill, is finally here. Trump is going to keep causing Republicans to lose for years to come, as his war with Mitch McConnell will only help Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

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