WATCH: Fox Anchors Are Worried McConnell/Trump Feud Will Destroy the GOP and Dems Will Take Advantage

Donald Trump may have just led Republicans to losses in the House (2018) and the White House and Senate (2020/21), but he still wants complete control of the party.

Mitch McConnell isn’t willing to give it up. This was clear this weekend when the Senate Minority Leader delivered a stinging rebuke to Trump following the impeachment trial.

And irritated Trump reacted to McConnell’s speech today, penning a letter in opposition to the Kentucky senator. The two men have begun a feud that will dominate the party for the foreseeable future.

During Tuesday‘s episode of The Five, Fox hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld laid out their concerns about the fight.

Watters began:

“What I’m worried about is in the next two, three, four years, Trump plays troublemaker with the primaries and the midterms, he plays kingmaker, the guy can raise a ton of money and is no doubt the most powerful force in the Republican party and on the cutting edge of grassroots Republican politics. I do worry that this battle will cause harm to the party and divide the party and let Democrats come in and take advantage.”

Gutfeld agreed, saying, “The Dems are going to win every time. There has to be a reconciliation… before the next election or the Republican party will meet a buzzsaw and they will never be the same.”

Watch the segment below, beginning at 21:45