Jake Tapper Calls Out Kayleigh McEnany for “Stirring Up” QAnon Followers with Incendiary Biden Tweet

CNN journalist Jake Tapper criticized former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany after she published a tweet that appeared to be a signal to stir up subscribers to the QAnon conspiracy theory. Those who follow QAnon believe that Democrats are part of a global pedophile ring that engages in sex-trafficking and conspired against former President Donald Trump during his time in office.

It all began when McEnany retweeted a quote President Joe Biden made during a CNN town hall last night during which he said “everyone knows I love kids better than people.” Biden’s quote came at the beginning of the program and was said in congratulations to CNN’s Anderson Cooper for welcoming a newborn child.

Tapper later responded with a quote from an anonymous former White House official and colleague of McEnany’s who said her remark was designed “to stir up the QAnon crowd.”

McEnany later said she tweeted the comment to draw attention to Biden’s “horrific pro-choice, anti-child policies that have dehumanized life.” She also criticized Tapper for not getting his source on the record.