Report: McConnell Laughed Off Trump Statement, Will Ignore Him Going Forward

Donald Trump has never let any slight, perceived or real, go unanswered. And this wasn’t just during his presidency, but during his entire business career.

So when Mitch McConnell blasted the 45th president on Saturday, Trump was itching to reply. The former president was reportedly so mad that he had be talked out of including a crack about McConnell’s chins.

According to a new report from Manu Raju, the Senate Minority Leader will not be paying Trump any mind. The CNN Correspondent writes:

“Amid their fallout following the deadly US Capitol riot at the hands of Trump supporters, McConnell has made the calculation that he’s done with the former President and is moving on, according to sources close to the GOP leader. And after Trump issued a blistering attack on McConnell, riddled with false statements and personal broadsides, the GOP leader has no plans to respond.”

A source closed to McConnell notes, “You probably are not going to hear him utter the name Donald Trump ever again. He’s moving on.”

Trump, of course, will not be quiet. The former president called into Fox News today to eulogize Rush Limbaugh and lie about the election.

This is just the start for Trump. He will be making appearances tonight on Fox News, OAN and Newsmax.