Rick Perry Implies That Texans Are Fine With Freezing To Death

Former Gov. Rick Perry said that Texas would rather go without power than have federal regulators involved with their failed power grid.

Former governor and Trump Energy Secretary Perry said on Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s blog:

“Texans would be without electricity for longer than three days to keep the federal government out of their business,” Gov. Perry said, partly rhetorically. “Try not to let whatever the crisis of the day is take your eye off of having a resilient grid that keeps America safe personally, economically, and strategically.”


In the end, this is Texas, and like Gov. Perry said, “the sun will come out, the temperatures will moderate, and this will become part of our rear view mirror. Real leaders have to stay focused on looking over the horizon.”

The strategy of telling people to try not to freeze death until the sun comes out is not good and responsible government.

Perry left out one important detail from his story. When Rick Perry was governor, federal regulators warned him that the state needed to better insulate its power plants after a similar freeze up occurred ten years ago. Perry and the state’s Republicans did not listen.

Nearly two dozen Texans are dead, and 3.1 million are without power because Republicans like Rick Perry didn’t listen to the warnings from the federal government that this was going to happen.

Texas Republicans are negligently killing people in their state, and they seem happy about it.

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