Ted Cruz leaves Cancun after getting busted on vacation

It Gets Even Worse For Ted Cruz As He Used The Police To Get To The Airport For Vacation

Last updated on February 20th, 2021 at 04:11 am

Sen. Ted Cruz used the Houston Police to get him to and through the airport to go on vacation.


CNN reported, “What makes this surprising is that Cruz used police forces in the middle of said crisis to make his way to the sky zone. Houston police confirming that Cruz’s staff requested assistance to get him to the airport.”

Ted Cruz can rush back to Texas on a flight, but the scandal is not going away. Not only did the senator go on vacation in the middle of a deadly and historic crisis in his state, but he also diverted needed public resources so that he could get to the airport for his vacation.

Going on vacation was a bad decision. Using the police to get to the airport when law enforcement resources are needed to protect and potentially save lives is borderline criminal.

Ted Cruz pretends like he is a Texan, but he is an entitled Washington elite who has left the concerns and needs of the people of his state behind.

CanCruzgate isn’t going away, and it may have already ended the Texas senator’s 2024 presidential dreams.

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