Get Ready For Plumbing Problems At Mar-a-Lago As Biden To Flush Trump’s Toilet Legacy

Trump was obsessed with low-flow toilets and even passed new regulations against them, now the Biden administration is looking at reversing those actions.

NBC News reported:

Former President Donald Trump’s effort to loosen regulations dictating the water-flow levels of many household appliances and fixtures is under threat with the Biden administration announcing it will launch a federal review of several Trump-era rules and regulations governing the topic, in addition to other energy and efficiency-related edicts.

The Energy Department on Friday notified the Office of Management and Budget of the step, which begins a process that could result in the rescission or revision of those regulations.

Toilets and light bulbs became two standard gripes at Trump events for nearly half of his presidency.

In December 2019, Trump announced that he was launching an investigation because, “People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once. They end up using more water.”

Trump eventually issued an executive order that he bragged about on the 2020 campaign trail related to toilets.

The practical application of Biden reversing Trump’s toilet rule is that there will be less wasted water. The reality is that Donald Trump accomplished so little in office that if Biden flushes his toilet legacy, the former president will have little left out outside of the fact that he helped to kill nearly half of a million Americans and trashed the US economy.

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