Lindsey Graham Rushes To Florida To Try To Get Mama McConnell And Daddy Trump To Stop Fighting

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is rushing to Florida this week to try to end the feud between Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.

Video of CNN’s report on Graham going to Florida:

CNN’s Dana Bash reported:

Bash reported on CNN, “That’s right. Just the latest to go down to Florida to talk to president trump. Now, the two of them got together a lot while the former president was in the White House, golfing, and things like that. We expect them to do that again, but he’s going, I’m told, with a very specific mission. That is to be constructive with regard to the very real fight between the former president and Mitch McConnell, and the way they want to be constructive is by looking ahead to 2022.”

It is difficult to believe that someone as weak and ineffective as Graham could break up a fight between two kittens much less Trump and McConnell.

Lindsey Graham does have one thing right. The Republican Party will be doomed in 2022 if Trump insists on using the midterm election to settle old scores with people like McConnell. Trump already cost Republicans the Senate, and he could bury them for another two years in the midterm election.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about the Republican Party. He doesn’t care about the House or the Senate. Trump wants the GOP to burn to the ground so that he can play the savior in 2024.

Sen. Graham wants his political mommy and daddy to stop fighting, but the odds of Trump becoming a responsible parent to his party are exactly zero.

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Lindsey Graham on CBS's Face The Nation
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