Donald Trump Jr. Looks Like A Terrorist By Attacking Teachers While Posing With Guns

Donald Trump Jr. attacked teachers and blamed them for keeping schools closed while posing hunting rifles.

Video of Trump Jr.:

Trump Jr. claimed that the teachers’ union and those representing them have blocked schools from reopening and have failed our children. He claimed that the teachers’ union is not following the science.

Lots of people collect guns, and that doesn’t make them terrorists, but not everyone posts a video attacking teachers and blaming them for schools not being open while posing with a stash of automatic weapons.

The threat being made to teachers in the video is implicit. Open the schools, or we are going to pull a January 6 on you by coming after educators.

Donald Trump Jr. has taken to posting extremist videos that feature topics like blaming Democratic governors for the crisis in Texas, as it seems that the lesson that the Trump family took away from their attempt to overthrow the government was that fanning the flames of radicalization and violence works.

Trump Jr. is sending the message that guns are strength and violence is the answer. The Trumps are still out there trying to revive their divisive politics meal ticket, and it would be really easy for one of their extremist supporters to interpret his message as a signal to attack schools and teachers.

The Trump message has an overtly terroristic tone that is a danger to the nation.

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