Embattled Texas AG Ken Paxton Also Skipped Town During Weather Disaster

When a state faces a weather disaster, it is a good time for elected politicians to show leadership. Sure, there’s not much they can do to stop a blizzard or a hurricane, but they can get on the phone and secure help for their constituents.

Ted Cruz decided against doing any of this. The Texas senator faced mass ridicule over the weekend for his decision to take his family on a tropical vacation while people in his state suffered.

Gary Gates, a state senator, was also criticized for his trip to Florida during the storms. Gates said he went to the Sunshine state on business.

And now it has been revealed that Ken Paxton, the state’s AG, went to Utah over the last week. A spokesperson for his office, Ian Prior, said that Paxton was making a “pre-planned” visit to Sean Reyes, the Utah AG. The Texas lawmaker’s wife also joined him on the trip.

Prior continued, “While there, AG Paxton had a number of meetings with the Utah Attorney General over the course of several days. I cannot further share additional details or the specific reasons on the need for the meeting concerning Google as it involves an ongoing investigation.”

This isn’t the only scandal that Paxton is facing. The Texas Republican has been under indictment for securities fraud since 2015. The case is currently on appeal.