Help Is On The Way As House Budget Committee Passes Biden Stimulus Bill

The House Budget Committee has passed President Biden‘s $1.9 trillion stimulus bill that will get a final House vote by the end of the week.

CNN‘s Manu Raju reported:

Raju said:

A big step that happened this afternoon was the house budget committee approved along party lines the $1.9 trillion packet by a 19-16 vote. It was supposed to be a straight party-line vote. But Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett accidentally voted against it. I’m told he is in favor of it. This goes on to the next step. The next step is the House Rules Committee will prepare it for the full House. The full House will vote at the end of the week. The question will be, will Nancy Pelosi keep her caucus? Can she keep it together on the House floor? The expectation is yes.

The Democrats are working hard to lock down support, ensure they have no defections or limited defections. Republicans are pushing their members to vote against the measure. The House Republican leadership has sent a missive asking them to vote against it. They believe it’s too costly. They believe it’s not needed.

House Republicans don’t think that Americans need another stimulus payment or funding for vaccinations and schools reopening. House Republicans want to keep the economy struggling because that is their only hope of winning back the majority in 2022.

Democrats aren’t wasting time. They know that people need help, and they are working fast to get it out to them in what will be a historic bill that will jumpstart the economy and make America great again.

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