Kelly Loeffler Launches Group To Rig Georgia Elections For Republicans

Former Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) is launching her conservative group, dubbed Unfair Fight by critics, to rig Georgia elections for Republicans.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:
The third part aims to push conservative electoral policies as state lawmakers weigh a range of new voting restrictions after the GOP defeats. Loeffler said her group aims for “transparency and uniformity,” such as endorsing a call for ID requirements for absentee ballots that critics say are unnecessary.

“We had unprecedented changes to our election laws in 2020 because of the pandemic. And we need to take a really hard look at the impact of those changes and why it drove trust in our elections so far down.”

An executive at the Stacey Abrams run organization Fair Fight dubbed the Loeffler effort “Unfair Fight.”

The “election reforms” that Republicans are pressing in states that Donald Trump lost are voter suppression efforts intended to reshape electorates to rig elections for Republicans. The response from Democrats to these efforts has to be local, state, federal, and judicial.

Republicans aren’t bothering to win more voters into their party, although Loeffler mentioned this as political cover to disguise her true focus, which is to prevent Georgians from voting.

Democrats at the federal level need to be prepared to weaken the Senate’s filibuster to pass a restored Voting Rights Act. The Department of Justice will need the tools to fight to protect the right to vote for every eligible voter.

Senate Democrats don’t have to blow up the whole filibuster. They can weaken it on a case by case basis, and they should do so to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and stop the Republican assault on democratic elections in the United States.

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