Manhattan DA Terrifies Trump With Three Word Tweet

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance responded to the Supreme Court denying Trump’s latest bid to hide his tax returns with a three-word tweet.

Vance responded to the news that the Supreme Court has turned Trump down again by tweeting:

It has been clear for over a year that of all of the potential criminality that exists around Donald Trump, it is the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation that was the most likely to result in criminal charges for Trump, his adult children, and his business.

Vance needs Trump’s tax returns to compare with other evidence and potentially confirm criminal behavior in terms of bank and tax fraud. The DA recently brought in a former federal prosecutor who specializes in white-collar and organized crimes, which is an indication that Trump and his business are being treated like a criminal organization. Vance also subpoenaed the New York City Tax Commission.

As Trump’s second impeachment trial demonstrated, the former president has difficulty attracting quality legal counsel due to his history as a terrible client who refuses to pay his bills.

Trump has been ordered multiple times to turn over his tax returns, and when he finally does, it will only be a matter of time until the criminal charges come for the former president, his kids, and members of the Trump Organization.

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