Michael Cohen Implies That Donald Trump Is Going To Prison


Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said that things don’t look good for the former president who should look into getting measured for a custom jumpsuit.

Video of Cohen on MSNBC:

Cohen said on MSNBC, “One thing you will see is that that’s not the only documents that Cyrus Vance is looking for. Recently, he subpoenaed from the New York Department of Taxation for real estate properties that are owned by Trump, and he will compare those, obviously, to the tax returns, you know it is one thing that I can turn around and tell you he should start maybe speaking to someone about getting a custom made jumpsuit, it does not look good for him, that’s my prediction.”


Cohen is correct. It does not look good for Donald Trump. The Supreme Court rejected his attempt to keep his tax returns hidden, and the Manhattan DA responded with a short tweet that suggests that prosecutors are digging deeply into Trump’s finances.

The Republican civil war over Trump could come to a quick end if Donald Trump goes from convicted felon to former president. It is uncertain whether Trump will ever see a day in jail, but it is looking very possible that he becomes a convicted felon.

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