Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself While Trying To Change The Subject From Cancun At Merrick Garland Hearing

Sen. Cruz (R-TX) humiliated himself during Merrick Garland’s confirmation with a conspiracy theory rant designed to make people forget his Cancun vacation.

Video of Cruz:

Cruz’s ranting and raving with no substantive questions for Judge Garland went on for more than five minutes.

Here is the beginning:

As I look back over the eight years of the Obama/Biden Justice Department, in my view, the most problematic aspect of that tenure was the Department of Justice was politicized to over a century of being apolitical and not a partisan tool to target your opponents. It is very much my hope if you are confirmed as attorney general that you will bring that reputation for integrity to the department of justice and demonstrate a willingness to stand up for what will be inevitable political pressure to once again politicize the Department of Justice and use it as a tool to attack the political opponents of the current administration. Eric Holder, before he was nominated as attorney general, had likewise built a reputation as being relatively non-partisan and a prosecutor with integrity.

Unfortunately, his tenure as attorney general did enormous damage to that reputation. As was previously discussed, Eric Holder described his role as attorney general as being the wingman for President Obama. Am I right in assuming you do not view your role as attorney general as being Joe Biden‘s wingman?

Cruz brought up various debunked Republican conspiracy theories, like the IRS targeting conservatives, and fast and furious, while never mentioning a single word about Donald Trump and his overt use of the DOJ to try to attack political opponent, squash investigations and lawsuits related to his business or conduct, and steal a presidential election.

Cruz’s mindless ranting and raving was an effort to create a Fox News moment and make people forget about his Cancun vacation while Texans were freezing.

Sen. Cruz was obvious, cynical, and an embarrassment to the nation. Ted Cruz keeps showing why he is unfit for public service.

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