Cruz Says His Wife is “Pissed” Over Leaked Texts About Cancún Trip

Speaking to the Ruthless podcast, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said that his wife Heidi is “pissed” over the leaked text messages that revealed they were flying to Cancún even as millions went without water and power as a result of the Texas energy disaster.

“Heidi’s pretty pissed at that,” Cruz said of the leaked texts. “She actually was over at her neighbor’s house yesterday sort of walking through [it].”

“Here’s a suggestion: just don’t be a–holes,” he continued. “Like, just, you know, treat each other as human beings have some degree, some modicum of respect.”

The New York Times published the text messages, which were obtained from members of Ted and Heidi Cruz’s inner circle.

The messages show that Heidi Cruz messaged her friends to tell them that their home was “FREEZING” and that they were staying with friends to ride out the disaster. Then she asked, “Anyone can or want to leave for the week? We may go to Cancun.” No one accepted the offer.

You can listen to Cruz’s interview below.