David Perdue Drops 2022 Senate Bid And Vows To Help Republicans In Georgia Rig Elections

Former Sen. David Perdue has dropped his plan to run against Sen. Raphael Warnock in 2022 and instead commits himself to rigging future Georgia elections for Republicans.

Perdue flirted with another run, but quit:

Perdue’s claim that Georgia is not a blue state is true, but it is also not a red state anymore. It is purple. His statement that the more Georgians vote, the better Republicans do is absurdly false. Georgia had a record turnout in 2020, and Democrats won the presidential election and two Senate seats.

What Perdue really means is that Republicans can only win when Democrats aren’t allowed to vote. There remains a ton of delusion and denial among the Trump faction of the Georgia Republican Party. Without Perdue as a candidate, Sen. Warnock might end up running against Marjorie Taylor Greene, which would be a dream come true for Democrats.

Perdue was a McConnell chosen candidate, and without him in the race, the odds are increasing that Trumper zealot is the Georgia 2022 Senate nominee.

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