Fox News Refuses To Show Senate Hearing On Trump Capitol Attack

Both CNN and MSNBC have provided full coverage of the hearing, but Fox News is still beholden to Trump and not showing it.

One of these things is not like the others:

Fox News viewers have not been told that the domestic terrorists were armed and even had their own communications systems. As the former Capitol Police Chief testified, they came prepared for war.

Fox viewers have also not been told that the attack was planned and coordinated well in advance:

The attack wasn’t spontaneous. It was planned, coordinated with Trump’s people, and the rally that brought the attackers to the Capitol was paid for by Trump’s campaign. The terrorists have admitted in court that they were standing by and waiting for Trump’s order to attack.

Fox News is keeping their viewers in the Trump bubble. Their loyalty to the former president has not been broken. Even though their ratings are in the dumpster, Fox continues to make sure that Trump cultists remain blind to the truth.

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