The Republican “Chuck Schumer Bridge” Attack On The Stimulus Hilariously Collapses

Republicans are claiming that the stimulus bill contains a provision to build “Chuck Schumer Bridge,” but the funding request was made by Mitch McConnell‘s wife in 2020.

For example, here is Tucker Carlson‘s Daily Caller pushing the lie:

John Bresnahan of Punchbowl News tweeted the real story of “Chuck Schumer Bridge:”

To summarize, Mitch McConnell’s wife requested funding for the bridge when she was Trump’s Transportation Secretary in 2020. The bridge is one of the busiest commerce trafficking points in North America. There is no Chuck Schumer Bridge. Schumer never requested the funding. Republicans are bashing Schumer for a funding request made by Mitch McConnell’s wife when she was working in the Trump administration.

Republicans are frantically trying to paint the stimulus bill as corrupt as a justification for the votes against helping the American people during a pandemic.

Since Democrats have done nothing wrong, Republicans have decided that they will pin their own funding requests on Schumer and give it an ominous name.

The stimulus is overwhelmingly popular, and no matter what falsehoods Republicans cook up, they are on the wrong side of an issue that will almost certainly come back to haunt them.

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