Kevin McCarthy, Who Gave Tax Cuts To The Wealthy, Calls Biden Stimulus Bill Corrupt

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy was one of the Republican champions for tax cuts to the rich called Biden stimulus to help regular Americans corrupt.

McCarthy said:

In Republican logic, it is not corrupt to provide tax cuts to the wealthy that are projected to hinder the economy for generations while falsely selling them as wage and job stimulus, but it corrupt to provide funding for COVID vaccinations, school reopenings, food assistance, unemployment benefits, housing assistance, and direct stimulus checks to the American people.

House Republicans, like McCarthy support Donald Trump, so they don’t get to call anything corrupt. The Republican mentality has not changed for decades. They view the role of government as helping the wealthy and corporations. Republicans are not interested in governing for all or doing things to help regular people.

There is nothing corrupt about the stimulus bill, and if that is the hill they are willing to die on, Democrats should feel good about their chances of keeping the House in 2022.

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