Former Federal Prosecutor Says Trump Could Be Criminally Charged In Weeks

Former federal prosecutor Jennifer Rodgers said that criminal charges could come against Trump in weeks now that the Manhattan DA will officially have his tax returns.

The Manhattan DA may have already had the info in Trump’s tax returns, and the returns were only necessary to comply with evidentiary requirements.

Rodgers wrote on CNN about what happens if investigators already had the information:

If they have, we may be closer to the end of this investigation than the beginning. Former president Trump reportedly has been quite worried about a possible prosecution for his role in the January 6 insurrection. I suspect, given the vitriolic statement Trump issued Monday about losing the tax returns subpoena — it was a “fishing expedition” he said, and he was being “persecuted”– that he is very worried about the Vance investigation as well.

He should be. It has taken many months of legal wrangling for Vance’s subpoena to be honored; it may be just a matter of weeks before he is in a position to make charging decisions.

Manhattan DA Vance has been investigating Trump’s financial dealings for years. It likely won’t take him long to indict Trump. The former president may be speeding up the clock on a potential indictment by toying with a potential 2024 run for president.

Trump is worried about being criminally charged for the Capitol attack, but that possibility remains hypothetical at this time. The real live threat to Trump, his kids, and his business is the Manhattan investigation.

Many of Trump’s businesses are in crisis, and he shows no interest in saving them.

Criminal charges would probably mark the end for Trump and his debt-fueled paper potentially criminal empire.

Doomsday could arrive for Trump in a matter of weeks.