Spineless Mitch McConnell Says He Would Support Trump In 2024

Not only did Mitch McConnell reject the 1/6 Commission, but he also is saying that he would support Trump in 2024.

Video of McConnell on Fox News:

McConnell said, “There’s a lot to happen between now and ’24. I’ve got at least four members who I think are running for president plus some governors and others. There’s no incumbent. It should be a wide-open race and fun for you to cover.”

McConnell was asked if he would support Trump if he was the Republican nominee, and he answered, “The nominee of the party? Absolutely.”

Trump will hear in McConnell’s remarks that the Senate Minority Leader will not stand in his way if he is the nominee. Republicans are well on their way to making the same mistake that they made in 2016. They are going to overload the field and split the vote, which will allow Trump to waltz to the nomination.

All of this could be moot if the Manhattan DA criminally charges Trump, but if the former president is not a convicted felon by 2024, don’t look for Mitch McConnell to stop him from winning the Republican nomination.

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