Speaker Pelosi Crushes Sen. Ron Johnson By Pretending To Forget His Name

Speaker Pelosi pretended to forget Sen. Ron Johnson‘s (R-WI) name while criticizing Senate Republicans for standing in the way of a 1/6 Commission.


Speaker Pelosi understands how Washington’s egos work, and she has a history of throwing this sort of subtle shade at those who are doing America wrong while trying to inflate their own egos and positions.

As Erica Werner pointed out, this a favorite Pelosi tactic:

Pelosi wasn’t about to give Johnson the elevation that would come with his name being spoken by the Speaker of the House.

The Speaker’s message was loudly sent that Ron Johnson and his low-life kind are not worthy of serious conversation. In fact, it isn’t even worth getting the name of one of the Senate’s top propagandists/conspiracy theorists correct.

Speaker Pelosi popped Ron Johnson’s giant ego and reminded him that he and his conspiracy theories are nobody and nothing.

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