Donald Trump Jr. Loses It And Claims The Left Banned The Muppets

Donald Trump Jr. is struggling with his father no longer being in the White House, as his mental decline continued with a claim that the left banned the Muppets.


Trump Jr. revived the Hunter Biden conspiracy theory and claimed that Biden is now bombing the Middle East while forgetting that his dad bombed Syria and attacked Iran. Don Jr. went off on a rant about Liz Cheney.

Here is the full speech:

Donald Trump Jr. blamed the Republican Party for all of his father’s defeats and then topped it off by claiming that the “radical left” banned the Muppets and got the Mr. taken off of Mr. Potato Head.

The Muppets are not banned.

The son of Trump has been increasingly more deranged, as he attacked teachers in an online video while posing with guns, and claimed that the Texas winter storm disaster was the fault of Democratic governors.

There is something clearly wrong with Donald Trump that goes beyond being mad that his daddy is a one-term presidential loser. CPAC has always been the gathering place for conservative extremists, but it has now added a heavy dose of mob mentality and Trump cultism to its mix.

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Jason Easley

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