CNN’s Jim Acosta Threatened By Radical Mob At CPAC

CNN’s Jim Acosta was surrounded by a mob at CPAC with people saying get him and threatening the cable news journalist.

Video where a woman can be heard urging the crowd to “get” Acosta:

The crowd also chanted CNN sucks which is the norm at conservative events:

The situation could have turned dangerous for Acosta but much of the mob was content to heckle the journalist and use such Trump moldy oldies like “fake news.”

Donald Trump is gone from the White House but the seeds of right-wing radicalization and potential mob violence that he inspires are still thriving at places like CPAC. Outside of Fox News, the other cable news networks have not provided coverage of the speeches that are chocked full of conspiracy theories and pushing The Big Lie.

Trump radicals can’t go anywhere without reminding the nation that they are a threat to America.

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