President Biden Did Not Invite Ted Cruz On His Texas Trip

President Biden did not invite Ted Cruz to accompany him to Texas, nor did the Texas Senator ask for an invitation.

According to a press pool gaggle aboard Air Force One with Press Secretary Jen Psaki as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Q Was Ted Cruz invited by WH to POTUS’ Texas visit.

Psaki: “There was neither an invitation” or request from Cruz.

Instead, Cruz spent his day in Orlando addressing CPAC and making jokes about AOC being scared of dying in the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol and abandoning his frozen and dying constituents for a vacation in Cancun.

It would have sent the wrong message for President Biden to invite a Republican who was essential in supporting and encouraging the attack on the Capitol.

Joe Biden doesn’t associate with terrorists, so Ted Cruz ambled down to Florida to pretend like his presidential ambitions aren’t dead as a doornail by taking his callousness and cruelty to a whole new level at CPAC.

There is no place on Air Force One for someone like Ted Cruz.

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