Biden Refuses To Let GOP Obstructionists Delay His Historically Popular COVID Relief Bill

Republicans are trying their best to slow down or completely derail Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, but he isn’t letting them get away with it.

According to NBC News, Biden is moving forward quickly on the relief legislation, even if it doesn’t get a single Republican vote in Congress, because the bill has wide, bipartisan support from the public.

In other words, Biden’s definition of bipartisan is rooted firmly in public sentiment, not GOP obstructionism. This is the correct approach to take given the current state of the Republican Party.

More from NBC News:

In recent weeks, Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain has marshaled the White House messaging apparatus to make the case that the president’s aid package is bipartisan, not because any GOP lawmakers have signed on, but because polls show it has support from a large majority of the public, and because some Republican mayors and officials outside Washington have backed it.

White House digital director Rob Flaherty said Wednesday that the Covid plan is “extremely bipartisan,” citing a Morning Consult poll that showed 76 percent public support, including 60 percent of self-identified Republicans.

Biden’s rescue package passed the House of Representatives overnight, and he urged the Senate on Saturday to quickly follow suit and pass it.

Biden’s relief plan is one of the most popular pieces of legislation in recent memory

Republicans are behaving as if Joe Biden is kicking off his presidency by ramming through a politically divisive piece of legislation, but that couldn’t be further from reality.

In fact, as PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley pointed out this week, Biden’s COVID rescue plan is one of the most popular major pieces of legislation in more than a decade. The 2007 minimum wage increase was the last time a piece of legislation was this popular.

In other words, Joe Biden’s COVID rescue plan is overwhelmingly bipartisan, regardless of whether Republicans in Congress vote for it.

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