House Republicans Doom Themselves In 2022 By Voting Against Biden Stimulus Bill

House Republicans rejected helping the American people and doomed themselves in 2022 by voting against the Biden stimulus.

The final vote was 219-212 with two House Democrats voting against the bill.

The message that House Republicans are sending is that they were fine with blowing up the national debt for generations with a multi-trillion-dollar tax cut for the wealthy and corporations, but they have no interest in providing aid to the American people during the pandemic.

The economy is projected to come roaring back later this year in large part due to the funding in the Biden stimulus for mass COVID vaccinations. The American people are hurting right now, and the Republican answer was to make it clear that they want a bad economy because that is their path to winning back the House majority.
House Republicans may have sealed their defeat in 2022 by giving Democrats a powerful weapon to use against them. Voters in every district will know that their Republican member of Congress voted against giving them help when they needed it.

The cynical strategy behind this vote could blow up in Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s face and keep Democrats in the House majority for years to come.

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