A CNN Anchor Just Called Out CPAC For Worshipping Losing

CNN anchor Ana Cabrera laid out that Republicans at CPAC are celebrating a loser with their worship of Donald Trump.


Cabrera said, “Let’s be clear about who Republicans at CPAC are celebrating. A man who lost them the House, the Senate, and the presidency and then incited a mob to attack the capitol because he didn’t like the election results.”

The CNN anchor was correct. Trump doesn’t have some glorious legacy that deserves to be admired and looked back on. Donald Trump was a failure. His trade war failed. He destroyed the economy and got more than half of a million Americans killed by intentionally mismanaging a pandemic. He was impeached twice and betrayed his country numerous times while in office.
CPAC is celebrating a loser.

Trump lost the House, the Senate, and the presidency. Trump is a one-term failure, and if he is the Republican nominee in 2024, he will lose again.

Losing is what Donald Trump does best.

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Jason Easley

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