Brainwashed Republicans Destroy Themselves By Refusing To Vote For Anyone Who Criticizes Trump

The Republican Party’s self-destruction is accelerating as a new poll reveals that 66% of Republicans refuse to vote for anyone who criticizes Trump.

The Economist reported on their poll conducted by YouGov, “The Republicans polled by YouGov also expressed a deep reluctance to vote for candidates who had criticized Mr. Trump (the survey question did not specify in what way). Only 23% of GOP voters expressed a willingness to elect a critic; 45% said they would not. Expressed as a proportion of all respondents who took a position—a full 31% said they “weren’t sure”—roughly two-thirds of Republicans say they would not vote for Mr. Trump’s detractor.”

Even though under Trump, Republicans lost everything, the party’s base is still intent on feeling good while losing by sticking with the former president. Republicans won’t stand up and toss Trump out of their party because doing so would cost them their own political careers.

It is why Mitch McConnell supported impeachment, said that Trump should be criminally charged, and then voted to acquit. It is also why every single Republican in the House voted against the Biden stimulus.

The Republican Party will only be rid of Trump if he is criminally charged. Most elected Republicans know that Trump is destroying their party, but they don’t want to destroy themselves by standing against him.

The Republican Party is in a spiral of self-destruction, which is great news for Democrats and the majority of the country who seek prosperity and progress for the nation.

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