Trump’s Big Comeback Flops As TV Networks Ignore CPAC Speech

Trump thought that his speech at CPAC would be his big comeback, but outside of Fox News, other major networks have not shown the speech.

Here is what was on CNN and MSNBC while Trump was talking:

Matt Viser tweeted:

Kyle Griffin tweeted:

Trump was a creation of free media in 2016. Trump got wall to wall coverage from cable and broadcast networks and that allowed his message to seep outside of the confines of conservative media. The free media faucet was turned off during his presidency and has not been turned back on. Trump’s 2020 campaign proved that a Republican presidential candidate can’t win a general election by only playing to conservative media.

Donald Trump thought that CPAC was going to be the launch of his big comeback. Instead, he remains a man shouting to his own echo chamber with delusions of successes that never were.

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