Biden DHS Secretary Destroys The Fox News Border Crisis Myth

Biden administration Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas debunked the Fox News myth that there a crisis at the border.


The Homeland Security Secretary was asked during the White House briefing, “One of your predecessors said 1000 illegal border crossings a date constitutes a crisis that it overwhelms the system. We are at between 3000 and 4000 now. How is this not a crisis?”

Mayorkas answered, “I have explained that. Clearly. We are challenged at the border. The men and women of the Department of Homeland Security are meeting that challenge. It is a stressful challenge. That is why we are working as hard as we are, not only in addressing the urgency of the challenge, but also building the capacity to manage it, and to meet humanitarian aspirations and executions of the visions of the president.”

The reason why there is a challenge at the border is because Donald Trump dismantled the immigration system:

It is was nice to hear a return to sanity on immigration policy. As soon as Joe Biden took office, Fox News returned to their standard scare tactic of claiming that there is a crisis on the border. There is no crisis on the border.

The Biden administration is dealing with challenges caused by Trump’s destruction of the immigration system. The threat isn’t from immigrants coming into the United States, but the consequences of a racist immigration policy that the Biden administration is working day and night to fix.

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