Donald And Melania Trump Secretly Got The COVID Vaccine While Still In The White House

Donald and Melania Trump got the COVID vaccine while still in the White House in the final weeks of the Trump presidency.

Maggie Haberman tweeted:

The press asked the White House multiple times before he left office if Trump had been vaccinated and they refused to answer.

It is symbolic of the dead and gone Trump presidency that one of his final acts as president was to make sure that he and his wife got the vaccine as thousands of Americans were dying each day. Unlike President Biden, Trump refused to get vaccinated in public, probably because he feared that he wouldn’t look good in front of the cameras while getting vaccinated.

The Trumps have never been and never will be about putting the American people first. They secretly got vaccinated but didn’t tell anyone because even as he left office Donald Trump was still trying to minimize the pandemic.

The era of a president who lies about and hides everything has been replaced by the honesty and decency of President and First Lady Biden.

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