Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien Explains That Going After Trump Accountant Weisselberg is “Classic Prosecutorial Strategy”

Since Donald Trump left office in mid-January, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has intensified their investigation into his finances.

The prosecutors have also talked to people inside Trump’s inner circle like his former lawyer Michael Cohen. And according to the New York Times, the DA’s office would very much like to talk for long-time Trump accountant Allen Weisselberg.  During her Tuesday show, Nicolle Wallace discussed the strategy with Tim O’Brien.

Wallace asked the Bloomberg reporter what the Manhattan DA might discover by talking to the accountant. “They would find out what all of those hundreds of LLCs that the Trump Organization established under Allen Weisselberg’s watchful eye are being used for,” he replied. “They would find out why properties were valued one way for tax collectors and another way for insurers and banks.”

O’Brien continued:

“What you’re seeing now is a classic prosecutorial strategy to the extent that they’re doing more than merely looking at Allen Weisselberg and they’re pondering prosecuting Allen Weisselberg, that means Allen Weisselberg might flip, and if Allen Weisselberg flips, you’re going to see a number of dominos very quickly tip over inside the trump organization, and it’s going to present, I think, a lot of legal peril to Donald Trump around issues like tax fraud, accounting fraud, falsification of business records, and some of these other issues that we know the Manhattan district attorney is looking at.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC: