John Boehner Eviscerates Ted Cruz, Donald Trump in the Dust Jacket of His Upcoming Book

Things in Washington DC have been partisan for a very long time. But considering that Donald Trump’s term ended with an insurrection on the Capitol, it’s fair to say that the partisan divide has grown over the last 4 years.

If the dusk jacket preview of his book is any indication, John Boehner will be quite bi-partisan in his criticism of his former colleagues. The former Speaker, though, saved most of his vitriol for GOP lawmakers.

The excerpts were shared by Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News. Of Ted Cruz, Boehner writes, “There is nothing more dangerous than a reckless a**hole who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else.”

The former Speaker of the House also weighs in on Donald Trump. He writes, “He would call me fairly often when he first took office for advice or conversation. But the calls came in less and less as his tenure went on. That’s probably because he became more comfortable in the job. But I also suspect he just got tired of me advising him to shut up.”

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The criticism of Ted Cruz is nothing new for Boehner. Axios reported last week, “John Boehner has been going off script while recording the audio version of his new memoir, using expletives and asides not in the book — such as the former Republican House speaker saying, ‘Oh, and Ted Cruz, go f**k yourself.'”

The former Speaker jokingly blamed his slam on the Texas senator on too much wine.

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