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“RonAnon Johnson”: Watch Nicolle Wallace Uses A Crushing Nickname for Conspiracy Loving Senator

On Tuesday, senate lawmakers had the opportunity to question FBI Director Christopher Wray about the January 6th insurrection. Many of the Republican senators, though, were more interested in asking about MS-13 and Antifa and absolving Donald Trump for any blame.

Wray clearly told the senate that right-wing extremist violence was one the bureau’s biggest concerns. “We’re seeing quite a number, as we’re building out the cases on the individuals we’ve arrested for the violence, quite a number what we would call militia violent extremists,” he said. 

The FBI Director continued<, “Some self-identify with the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers. Things like that. We also have a couple of instances where we’ve already identified individuals involved in the criminal behavior who we would put in the racially motivated, violent extremists who advocate for what you would call white supremacy. So, there have been some of those individuals as well.”

Nicolle Wallace addressed Wray’s shut-down of GOP claims during her Tuesday show. She began, “Before we go any further, a quick program note. The behavior that Wray describes as domestic terror, was greeted at the time by Donald Trump with quote, ‘we love you.’ And a chilling warning to congress that quote, ‘this is what happens when you have the audacity to actually count the vote.'”

The MSNBC host ended her segment by coining a new nickname for Ron Johnson. “Wray also highlighted the role of white supremacists in the attacks as well as other militias known to have supported Donald Trump. And he debunked RonAnon Johnson’s theory that fantasy dress-up Trump supporters were somehow behind the attack. ”

Watch a clip of the segment below:

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