Manhattan DA Cy Vance Is Turning up the Heat on Trump by Looking Into Accountant Allen Weisselberg’s Sons

Allen Weisselberg has been with the Trump Organization for a very long time. So long, in fact, that he worked for Fred Trump before Donald had even graduated from college.

So a prosecutor who wanted to know how to organization works would do well talking to him. And that is exactly what Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance has been doing.

Vance has taken it a step father, though. According to a report from the Washington Post, the DA has expanded his probe to include Weisselberg’s son.

David Farenthold and others report:

“Vance’s focus on Weisselberg has included questions related to twoof his adult children, a tactic that could be an effort to increase pressure on the elder Weisselberg. One of Weisselberg’s sons also works for the Trump Organization, where he manages the company’s Central Park ice rinks. Another Weisselberg son works for a company that has extended loans to the Trump Organization.”

According to Bloomberg‘s Tim O’Brien said yesterday that Vance’s best way forward is getting Weisselberg to flip. He told Nicolle Wallace:

“What you’re seeing now is a classic prosecutorial strategy to the extent that they’re doing more than merely looking at Allen Weisselberg and they’repondering prosecuting AllenWeisselberg, that means Allen Weisselberg might flip, and if Allen Weisselberg flips, you’regoing to see a number of dominos very quickly tip over inside the trump organization, and it’s going to present, I think, a lot of legal peril to Donald Trump.”