That Hideous Gold Trump CPAC Statue Was Actually Made In China

The gold statue of Trump at CPAC wasn’t made in Mexico as organizers first claimed, but was made in China.

Politico Playbook reported:

But one of Zegan’s business partners, JOSE MAURICIO MENDOZA, contacted us Tuesday to say that Zegan omitted a major part of the supply chain. While Zegan is based in Mexico, the piece was manufactured at the Shijiazhuang D & Z Sculpture Co. factory in China. “Everything is made in China,” Mendoza told Playbook. “I want to be straight because if I’m going to sell these statues, they have to be true.”

Mendoza dismissed Zegan’s claims that he’s the creative mind behind the sculpture, showing us two Trump bobbleheads that were the inspiration for the statue. “I was the architect of this,” Mendoza said. Zegan’s name was used, Mendoza added, because “no one is going to buy ‘Jose’ stuff, at least not a Donald Trump statue.” As for Zegan, he admitted to Playbook that he left out the true origin of the statue’s journey.

All of those happy CPAC potential domestic terrorists in training who were worshiping at their ugly golden shrine of Donald Trump were actually paying tribute to another Trumpian Chinese import into the United States.

Long before COVID, Trump hurt the nation’s economy with a trade war disaster against China.

CPAC didn’t want people to know the real origins of the statue because it confirms that like Trump himself, conservatives remain beholden to China.

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