The DOJ Is Investigating Communications Between Republicans In Congress And Capitol Attackers

The DOJ investigation into the Capitol attack has moved into looking at who was potentially behind the attack including Republicans in Congress.

CNN reported:
With about 300 people facing charges, the investigation has shifted from the roundup of what law enforcement officials consider low-hanging fruit arrests of people accused of participating in the riot to those who allegedly conspired and planned the assault to disrupt the constitutional process of congressional certification of the election results.

Justice Department officials have assigned more than two dozen prosecutors, including some from outside Washington, to delve into more complex questions, including possible funding of insurrectionists and whether political figures, including lawmakers and staff, aided the attack, the US official said.

If Republicans in Congress are found to have aided the attack, expulsion will be on the table. The most likely scenario given the information that is currently publicly available is that if anyone in Congress was involved in the attack, it is likely to be House Republicans.

This is the most complex investigation that the Department of Justice has handled in decades. The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but if Republican members of Congress were involved, the DOJ will find out, and they will be prosecuted.
The FBI is looking at the phone records of members of Congress, and Sen. Josh Hawley is nervous for a reason.

If congressional Republicans were involved, they will be caught.

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