Trump Terrorist Who Sat At Pelosi’s Desk Whines That It’s Not Fair He’s Still In Jail

Richard Barnett broke into Nancy Pelosi‘s office and stole government property, but he is complaining because the judge is keeping him in jail.

KNWA in Fayetteville, Arkansas reported:

Judge Cooper suggested a continuance until May 4, but that did not go over well with Barnett.

“I’ve been here a long time … another month … It’s not fair,” Barnett could be heard telling the court about the suggested May date. “You’re letting everyone else out, I need help,” he yelled.

At this point, the status conference was paused so Barnett could talk with his attorneys about the new court date.

After a few minutes, Judge Cooper went back on the record and confirmed the next status conference for May 4.

It is not fair is the standard cry of all white male Trump supporters when they are held accountable. It is not fair to the members of the Capitol Police who died during the attack on the Capitol that Barnett participated.

The picture of Barnett sitting at Speaker Pelosi’s desk was all over conservative social media, but those same outlets quickly turned their backs on him and left him to rot in jail.

A good way to avoid jail is to not engage in the attempted violent overthrow of the US government. Fair would be Barnett and every other Trump terrorist being charged with sedition and murder. The Trump terrorists deserve even more punishment than what many of them will receive.

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