The White House Just Destroyed Greg Abbott For Lying About Biden Importing COVID Into Texas

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Abbott’s claim that Biden is importing COVID into Texas through migrants is not factual and Texas local governments are supposed to be doing COVID testing.


Psaki responded to Abbott’s false claim that Biden is importing COVID into Texas through migrants at the White House daily briefing by saying:

We are about facts around here, that is not factual, so let me give you an overview of what happens. When migrants are placed in alternatives to detention, there covid 19, to be done at the state and local levels with the help of governments and NGOs, that certainly our policy for that to be concluded before they are moved to go stay with family members or others they may now, while their cases are being adjudicated.

And of course our guidance to anyone, regardless of status is testing positive for covid-19 or experiencing covid-like symptoms, is to social distance, wear masks and seek medical attention as needed but, you know, in general, our approach and our policy is to work with local governments, work with NGOs to ensure these migrants are tested and that can take place, should that be needed.

Gov. Abbott was lying. The reason why COVID cases are on the rise has everything to do with the fact that he lifted the state’s mask mandate and restrictions. When Abbott opened up Texas without 60%-70% of the state being vaccinated was an invitation for the pandemic to run wild in their state.

The White House isn’t going to put up with Republican smear campaigns and lies, and the Biden administration showed that they are willing to use their platform to set the record straight.

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