Trump Terrorist Whines That Cockroaches Are Keeping Him Awake In Jail

Federico Klein, who worked in the Trump State Department and is charged with six crimes for his participation in the Capitol attack wants a new jail cell due to cockroaches keeping him awake.

NBC News reported:

A hearing was set for Tuesday, March 9, on whether he must be detained pending trial.

When told he would remain in custody until next week’s hearing, he said, “I’m wondering if there’s a place that I could stay in detention where I don’t have cockroaches crawling everywhere while I attempt to sleep. I haven’t slept very much. ”

Klein should have thought about the conditions in prison before he assaulted a police officer. The Trump terrorists who all pretend to be tough guys have revealed themselves to be quite a whiny group. The terrorist who sat in Pelosi‘s chair and stole government property complained that it was unfair that he was still in jail.

The Trump terrorists are learning that actions have consequences, and if one tries to overthrow the government, they should expect to have to sleep with roaches.

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