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Susan Rice Literally Cleanses Her Office To Remove The Remains Of Racist Bigot Stephen Miller

Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice is literally performing cleanses on her office to remove the negative racist energy of Stephen Miller.

The New York Times reported, “Ms. Rice occupies the West Wing office that was previously inhabited by Stephen Miller, President Donald J. Trump’s top policy adviser. Aware of the symbolism of a

Black woman who has been vilified by conservatives occupying the space where Mr. Trump’s most hard-line immigration adviser used to dictate policy, Ms. Rice has decorated it with Haitian art and scented it with sage.”

The US government spent $500,000 to have the White House deep cleaned so that it was safe for people to work and live in after Trump had turned it into a pit of coronavirus that was center of numerous outbreaks.

The Biden administration has made

their contempt for the Trump administration’s racist and cruel immigration policies clear on numerous occasions. The White House is said to take on the personality of its occupants.

Given this belief, it makes perfect sense that Susan Rice would take every step to remove any remains of the aura of Trump and Steven Miller from the building.

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