The Biden White House Praises Harry And Meghan For Having The Courage To Tell Their Story

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki praised Harry and Meghan for having the courage to talk about Meghan Markle’s mental health issues and the racism that their family has faced.


Psaki said, “Meghan Markle is a private citizen. So is Harry, at this point. For anyone to come forward and speak about their struggles with mental health and tell their own personal story takes courage. That is something that the president believes that he has talked about the importance of investing in mental health that they are committed to. We are not going to provide additional commentary from here, on behalf of the president or others, given that these are private citizens sharing their struggles.”

A president not commenting on private citizens is a refreshing change from the previous four years when Trump would use his presidential platform to attack private citizens on a routine basis. The Oprah interview is still sending shockwaves around the world, as the racism that was discussed by the couple was a disgusting disgrace.

If one is going to mention Markle’s struggle, they shouldn’t leave out that it was caused by racist attacks and an apparent demonization of her based on her race.

America now has a president who sees people and supports them in their struggles, which is why the administration’s comments matter not just to Meghan and Harry but also to us all.

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