Hillary Clinton: The Republican Party has Turned Into a Cult and I Hope They Find Their Soul

Donald Trump often talks about how much winning he does and will continue to do. And while he won the election in 2016, he did not win the popular vote. Hillary Clinton did and she did so by nearly 3 million votes.

After 4 years of Trump in the White House, the Republican party looks much different. It is not much more the party of Trump than anything else. Clinton was asked about this change during a Monday interview with Washington Post Live.

She said of the GOP, “They’ve done a calculation. They’ve concluded Trump is the puppet master who pulls the strings of the hardcore base of the Republican Party.”

Clinton continued, “I just wish that more Republicans had had either the courage or the understanding to do what they needed to do. That they too had stood up and spoken out.”

“Right now, the former presidential candidate said, “it is really troubling to see the Republican Party turn themselves into a cult, and basically pledge allegiance not to the United States of America but to Donald Trump. Something that I do not understand, I cannot accept… And I don’t think the majority of Americans, as we have seen with the very large popular victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And the passage of the American Rescue Plan which is so popular. I don’t understand why the Republican party is so afraid of itself.”